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Hi I'm Jashan

I am a digital marketer and consultant who helped more than 40 businesses to grow. Apart from marketing and consulting I sell T-shirts, shoes, and gadgets online.

Jashan has been working with me along with multiple projects/clients and is energetic, passionate and hard working. If you're looking for someone to do your brand management, i.e, SEO, PPC or SM, he's one of the first persons that you should put into consideration.

- Rachit Singh( Marketer, Content, and book writer. )

I am working with Jashan from 2011 and never seen someone like him. He gets real deep into whatever he does no matter how hard the thing is. I am glad that We started and grown together.

- Rohit Goyal( Influencer and Instagrammer)

Jashn is an experienced player in the field of marketing and has proved himself time and again. I've been a part of his One-n-One Consultant services his strategies and tactics worked for me so well and helped me gain more students for my Security program I recommend him with the best wishes for him to succeed in life.

- Himanshu Khokhar (Hacker | Vulnerability Researcher)

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